Joint nutrition

What are the active ingredients in joint nutrition? Find all the information below.


We only provide a summary of ingredients for which clinical trials have repeatedly shown or show effectiveness.

Daily dose: 1.2g-10g
Form: hydrolysed peptides
Origin: animal (pork, beef)
The main function in joint metabolism: form cartilage, ligaments, tendons
Daily dose: 800mg
Form: Chondroitin sulphate
Origin: animal (pork, beef, marine organisms)
The main function in joint metabolism: it is a component of cartilage, increasing its resistance to compression
Daily dose: 60-240mg
Daily dose: 60-240mg
Origin: either animal (poultry) or biotechnological (bacterial synthesis)
The main function in joint metabolism: lubricates, ensures shock resistance, binds free radicals, anti-inflammatory action
Daily dose: 1500mg
Form: sulphate or hydrochloride
Origin: animal or glucose synthesis
The main function in joint metabolism: it is a component of hyaluronic acid, forms proteoglycans as part of the cartilage
Daily dose: 80mg
Form: ascorbic acid
Origin: chemical synthesis
The main function in joint metabolism: is a cofactor in collagen synthesis

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Joint nutrition is not enough for everything

Despite the increasing amount of evident about the positive effects of good quality active ingredients contained in joint nutrition, there is no doubt that many more serious conditions, injuries and chronic diseases need to be addressed in more effective ways.

For instance, viscosupplementation can be used to treat arthritis in individual joints – using RenehaVis, for injuries and chronic issues with tendons, ligaments and soft tissue, products containing STABHASportVis and TendoVis.

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