Joint nutrition myths

MYTH NO. 1.The higher the dose the better

This is not entirely true. The right dose is important, not a low one, nor the maximum one. A lot of people fill themselves unnecessarily with excessive doses, especially of collagen. Medical science knows the correct dose for each of the active ingredients, and increasing it brings no additional benefit. On the contrary, it can cause many more serious health problems.

MYTH NO. 2.Joint nutrition products for animals are also suitable for humans

Not a chance! The requirements for good quality ingredients for human and veterinary usage are different (the method of processing the ingredients, microbial purity, the presence of metal particles, etc.). No doctor should ever recommend using veterinary products to their patients. If you do not want to damage your health, never use these products and do not risk the most valuable thing you have.

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MYTH NO. 3.The purity and quality of collagen is down to its origins

Another mistake. It does not matter whether the collagen origin is pork, shark, beef or something else. Collagen and collagen peptides, which have an identical effect, are obtained from all of these sources. What is important is that the process to obtain the collagen or peptides is free of drastic chemical procedures, radiation or washing with toxic agents. This can only be guaranteed with patented collagen. Clinical tests to ensure their biological effectiveness are also carried out on them.

MYTH NO. 4.If they have a television advertisement, they are sure to be good quality and safe

This is not true either. Television advertising does not restrict product promotion as long as it does not break the law on advertising. However, it does not test the quality (or lack of quality) of the product itself. Choose carefully primarily by checking the manufacturer gives the real origins of the ingredients used in production. A “Swiss, German or other quality” statement by a celebrity or some other sort of promotional claim has no basis in reality for the ingredient contained in the product.

MYTH NO. 5.Only good quality products are sold in pharmacies

Even pharmacists know that this is often untrue. Whether it is down to a lack of interest in modern knowledge, being steamrollered by an advert, making work easier, or for other reasons, pharmacies today are full of low quality products that look good but have questionable ingredients. This does not apply to medication but it does to food supplements, which include joint nutrition.

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