Patented bioactive ingredients are the highest quality ingredients to make joint nutrition products and other food supplements. Obtained through a full traceability process, where each step of the manufacturing process is specially and carefully monitored to achieve maximum purity of the ingredient without breaching the fundamental structure and high bioavailability for the body.

These joint nutrition ingredients can only be made by a few globally renowned producers. The price is 3-5 times as high as the price of cheap unpatented ingredients normally used for joint nutrition products made by the majority of producers.

Their high quality, safety and high bioavailability mean that these ingredients are often used for international medical trials.

GelaVis Premium Quality products are made exclusively using these patented sources.

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Joint nutrition is not enough for everything

Despite the increasing amount of evident about the positive effects of good quality active ingredients contained in joint nutrition, there is no doubt that many more serious conditions, injuries and chronic diseases need to be addressed in more effective ways.

For instance, viscosupplementation can be used to treat arthritis in individual joints – using RenehaVis, for injuries and chronic issues with tendons, ligaments and soft tissue, products containing STABHASportVis and TendoVis.

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